We know how important it is for you to be able to help your loved ones back home especially now. You might feel more worried than usual, your mind may wander more to Cuba, even if you don’t want to, because let’s face it, life is not easy as it is, with the daily tasks and activities. However, all anxiety vanishes when you keep in touch on a regular basis with your family and friends, right? To smoothen the connection and keep the conversation going, let us introduce you to the best Cubacel promo ever, offering the highest bonuses so far:

How does that sound? If the formula above makes your eyes more sparkling, login to your HablaCuba.com account and start sending Cubacel top ups with extra bonuses right now. Keep in mind that this promo is a bit unusual: unusually generous and unusually short, as it only lasts for 4 days: September 22-25

Terms and conditions apply, so pay attention to the amounts that bring the best bonus (500 CUP, 1000 CUP) and other usage specificities:

  • The promotion will run from 22 Sep 2021 00:00 To 25 Sep 2021 23:59 (GMT-04:00)
  • Participant denominations: From 500 – 1250 CUP
  • Bonus Validity: 30 days (from recharge date)
  • The bonus can be used for all services available to prepaid users (domestic and international calls, SMS, including Premium SMS and Mobile Data under the following current rates: 0.50 CUP/MB For international browsing and 0.25 CUP/MB for local browsing.
  • Customers with active Minutes, Data or SMS bonuses from previous promotions will not extend their validity period if they receive a new top up during Sept 22 – 25
  • Promotional bonus will expire 30 days after the recharge at 23:59 Cuba time.
  • If customers still have an active Dinero bonus from previous promotions, the new expiration date will be 30 days after the recharge.
  • Main balance will keep same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date)
  • Customers may receive multiple top ups, see the maximum limits:
    No. Parameter. Maximum Limit
    1. Main Account. 75,000 CUP
    2. Dinero Bonus. 125,000 CUP
    3 Minutes Bonus. 8,575 min (514,000 seconds)
    4 SMS Bonus. 33,335 SMS
  • Customers may receive multiple top ups, the expiration date will be noted as the last top up received (30 calendar days when top up is received)
  • Customers will receive a SMS a few days before the expiration date of the extra bonus.
  • Customers can check their promotional balance via USSD *222*266# and main balance (*222#) for free.
  • Top ups of 1000 CUP or more will be divided into separate top ups, so that you receive the maximum bonus possible. The recharges may arrive several minutes apart.