Super Bono never gets old

Some things never go out of style, such as the 30 CUC bonus for all international top ups sent to Cubacel mobiles. That’s why Super Bono is back and stays with us from March 14 until March 18. What makes Super Bono’s style special is the joy it brings both to:

  • the sender of the top up, because he or she has the opportunity to show how much they miss the people back home
  • and to the recipient, because it’s always good receive gifts :)

Yes, we got nostalgic, because Super Bono is just like an old friend you can always rely on when it comes to keeping a great relationship with your families and friends living in Cuba. And because they are so many, Super Bono repays them with multiple top ups. The more mobile recharges you send, the higher the bonus received.
1. Select 20 CUC and your Cuban friend will get 50 CUC ( 30 CUC for FREE for any top up)
2. Make 2 x 20 CUC recharges and your Cuban friend or friends will get 100 CUC ( 30 CUC for FREE for every top up)

Speaking about the style, we should acknowledge the new way in which Super Bono announces its appearance: with fun contests. This month, the challenge was also a nostalgic one: remembering the games Cubans used to play when they were little kids. The prize is a free top up of 20 CUC. You can still join the wave of memories the contest generated by March 14th and with the prize.