7 fun facts about the Internet+1 bonus about Nauta


Internet …we can’t live without it anymore. It offers us all the information we need, it keeps us connected to the people we love, sometimes it help us get in touch with old friends. Since it’s such an important part of our life, here are top 7 fun facts about the Internet:

  1. The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson to… himself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember what it said.
  2. The first webcam was installed at Cambridge University computer lab – its sole purpose to monitor a coffee maker, helping people avoid wasted trips to an empty pot
  3. China has treatment camps for internet addicts
  4. There are internet capabilities at the peak of Mount Everest, according to Yahoo news.
  5. Garfield, the cartoon cat, once offered a free email service at Gmail.com. So, Google literally had to buy the Gmail domain from Garfield, according to Wikipedia.
  6. According to Slappedham.com, pigeon beats the Internet. In 2010 in the UK, a race was set between 10 carrier pigeons and the Internet. The pigeons were released with a USB data stick attached to them that contained a video file. That same video file was set to upload to a website the moment the pigeons took off. The birds flew 120km to their destination in Skegness, arriving an hour and a quarter later while the video had only uploaded 24% of the 300MB file
  7. It took the Internet 4 years to reach an audience of 50 million. It took TV 13 years, and radio 38 years to reach the same amount of people.
  8. It took HablaCuba.com several months to be able to offer you the possibility to recharge the Nauta accounts of your loved ones back in Cuba, but now you can send credit to their Nauta account, thus helping them stay online!