See you on Instagram!

We have a brand new channel we’ll use to stay in touch with you: Instagram! You can find us here: and our invitation is, just like the song says: Let us entertain you!

On our Instagram channel, we dedicated last week to the amazing Cuban cuisine. We celebrated the Cuban sandwich, which made Cuba famous worldwide and the great desserts Cuban moms prepare for their families. The photos just sent us back in the past, in Cuba, in those times when everything was so simple…

This week is also special, because we’ll talk about all the funny things that make Cubans special and recognizable, no matter the country they currently live in.
You know you’re Cuban if:
– People feel the need to tell you all about their plans to visit Cuba one day
– People tell you very often: You don’t look Cuban!
…and many more stories!

And that’s only the beginning. Besides entertainment, our Instagram channel will also offer you details about Cubacel promotions, tips about Nauta recharges and many other useful information when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved ones back in Cuba.