What to choose: Nauta or Cubacel recharges?

When it comes to your loved ones back in Cuba, we know you always want the best! But sometimes you just need to pick the option that suits both your wish to help and your family’s or friends’ need. So, what to choose: ¿Nauta or Cubacel recharges?
We’d say that it depends on the communication channel you use more frequently to stay in touch with them, but also on what’s more useful for them.

Convenience and accessibility
Internet access is gaining new territories in Cuba, but it’s not accessible from home yet. On the other hand, your mom, dad, aunt, a.s.o, will always have the phone at hand’s reach wherever they are, at home or on the move. And the best part is that they can use the credit both for national and international calls, so not only they get the chance to call you, but they can also solve more easily different domestic issues. So, from this perspective, a Cubacel recharge is definitely more useful.

Costs vs benefits 

On the other hand, the equation is as follows: for 22 CUC, the person receiving the Cubacel top up talks for about 20 minutes, in case he or she makes international calls, or around 65 minutes, for national calls. At the same time, the same amount sent as a Nauta recharge buys around 20 hours of Internet access, which they can use for different purposes: surfing the web, chatting, using Facebook or other social media channels, a.s.o

Does age matter?

Sometimes it does, because it’s harder for our parents or grandparents to fell in love with technology, whereas our friends would happily give up the calling option for Internet access.
Whichever option you choose, you can always count on us for easy and instant international top ups.