National Day celebration? Sure, with 14% OFF on international calls to Cuba

Independence! Such a strong word, even nowadays. So we can only imagine what it meant 146 years ago. Today, it’s our moral duty to preserve and even reinforce this tradition that meant so much throughout Cuba history, even if we’re not in Cuba.


How can we do that?

  • By calling more often our family and friends that are back home. We know that it’s not the same as seeing them, but international calls to Cuba are a great substitute when living abroad and a sure way of not missing them that much

  • By offering them gifts, such as mobile credit, that helps you keep a close relationship and stay in touch, no matter the distance. The top up process takes less than one minute and the credit is sent instantly to the destination number. This fast, easy and secure process makes a great gift.

One more reason?

A great discount: 14%. It means that on Independence day the price drops from 69.9 ¢/minute to 59.9 ¢/minute. Or let’s put it this way: you may talk to your loved ones 14% more at the same cost.

Music, dance, food and revelry

Great traditions remain the same. Even though the place we live in might change, celebrating some events must stay the same. So, join the celebration: listen to Cuban music, dance, eat traditional food and talk about all of these to your family and friends in Cuba!