7 reasons to love Cuba

There are thousands of reasons to love Cuba, but we’ll only stick to 7. You might agree with us, but in case you have another Top 7 reasons to love Cuba, we invite you to share them, as the topic is so resourceful.

So, here we go:

  • Cuban soul

    Although things aren’t always easy for them, Cubans will always welcome you with a big smile and friendly advice. Their pride and love of Cuban traditions, their hopes for the future are really inspirational and enriching. Fascinating, warm, curious, friendly, artistic, optimistic and we may go on and on…

  • Stunning natural landscapes

    Cuba lies at the heart of a land of sparkling turquoise water. Just like a little piece of heaven. But there’s more to Cuba than the magical beaches. The countryside and the mountainous scenery are breathtaking.

  • Great history

    With 500 years of historical events and a culture that goes back further than that, Cuba’s history lies in thousands of monuments and historical sites. This makes you feel that the next great discovery is just around the corner.

  • Mojito, rum, food… needless to say more!

    If we associate them with our #2 reason, we might imagine Cuba as a land of perpetual holidays. The sweet ‘dulce’ rum and traditional mojito, as well as the great Cuban cuisine will fascinate your senses.

  • La musica & the Cuban good mood

    Cuba is music. On the streets, in the pubs and restaurants, music and dancing are the special background that accompany  people’s walks or talks. It soothes the soul and generates good mood.

  • The wheels

    Of course, we’re talking about the vintage cars. Wandering the streets is like visiting a classic cars exhibition. And it’s not an exhibition, as the fancy little cars are great helps not only for the Cubans, but also for the tourists.

  • Love chatting… even when abroad

    Last, but not least, Cubans love chatting. Either they live in Cuba, or have left their mother country, they will always stay in touch with their loved ones back home.

    They will make international calls to find out what’s new, they will send top ups to their loved ones, to help them save money. With HablaCuba.com, keeping in touch is easier: Cubans can call their families in Cuba at only 69.9¢/min or send them tops ups with values ranging from 15 to 50CUC.

    Because that’s one of the values Cubans cherish the most: great families bonds. And that’s what HablaCuba.com is all about: helping them preserve these great family bonds, no matter the distance.