Life sometimes takes us many directions, which may lead far away from our home country, from our family and friends. Why? Because we want to pursue a career abroad or because we want to provide a better life for our family. This is not a rare situation, very many people move abroad at least temporarily nowadays. In 2018, the global expatriate population has reached 66.2m and is likely to rise to 87.5 million by 2021, according to an industry report from Finaccord consultants.
So, sometimes we may find yourself in a long distance relationship not only with the parents and friends, but also with… the kids! Being far away from them is definitely going to be hard, but there are many things to do to stay connected, in order to be the best long distance parent one can be. How? Here are 5 tips for great long distance parenting.

#1 Call as often as possible

The most important condition of a successful long distance relationship, no matter its kind, is communication. Only by communicating will you stay present in your child’s life and keep them up to date with everything that’s happening in yours. Calling – with HablaCuba ;)  is the fastest and easiest way to chat with your family, because you can make calls at any time and from any place. You can wish your children a great day in the morning, catch up every evening, or even read them a bedtime story.

#2 Support your child’s hobbies and responsibilities

Even from afar, your children need to feel your unwavering support and encouragement, whatever they may do. Get involved in your child’s life by learning their schedule and showing them that you appreciate their activities. Wish them good luck right before an important test and ask them to send you photos from the party they attended.

#3 Visit them, but also have them visit you

There’s nothing like seeing your loved ones face to face and spending quality time together. You all enjoy it! So, whenever your finances allow it, it’s important to make plans for a visit. Your kids will love to have you home again, but they would also love to visit you at your new place.

#4 Send them little gifts

It’s the thought that matter… So, every now and then, send you little one a small gift, just to remind him or her that you are always thinking about them. If they are old enough to own a phone, you may recharge their phones. There are many apps that allow you to send international top ups, such as The app offers a list of destinations that amounts to over 100 countries, and more than 300 operators worldwide. It’s free to download and the recharge value is the best on the international market. This way, the communications means multiply and you can stay connected more.

#5 Show them that the family’s efforts are worth it

It’s hard for you to be far away from your family, but it’s just as hard for them not to have you there every day. To make the situation more bearable and even encouraging, be open with your children and tell them exactly why you have to be away from them. Share your efforts and progress with them and they will appreciate you even more. Make sure they understand why it’s important for you to be away for a while, but reassure them that the situation is only temporary and you will all be reunited in the future.