HablaCuba.com invites you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month

There are so many things to be proud of, when looking at our Latino heritage. But everyday life struggles make us forget all that and take for granted the richness of our cultural, emotional and social heritage. This is how Hispanic Heritage month was born, as an opportunity to celebrate what makes us who we are and should be proud of.

photo-1460566467446-33001794c2c2This September, we invite Cuban expats worldwide to remember what makes them proud to be Cubans! An entire month will be dedicated to celebrating Cuban heritage, as part of the Hispanic Heritage.

HablaCuba.com party will last for 4 weeks, dedicated to:

  • Food
  • Music and dance
  • Traditions
  • Homesickness

photo-1460565861774-8d21f6bc4502We will remember how Cuba tastes like, for real! There’s no place on Earth the food tastes the same, but the memories will make us feel closer to Cuba. Then, let’s dance! Let the music run through your veins and the memories invade your heart. Can you hear the rhythm? It will then sound like the music accompanying great Cuban traditions, from weddings and birthdays to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Last, but not least, we will take a trip to the past, to the times when we lived in Cuba and see what we miss the most.