Father’s Day Facebook contest: win $ 22 to call or recharge your Dad’s mobile

Time to celebrate your dad, your Superhero! But what kind of hero is he?  To help you find out, but also celebrate Father’s Day in a fun way, HablaCuba.com launches a special Facebook contest.

You may win:  3 prizes of $22 that you may use to
call or recharge your dad’s mobile on Father’s Day !

What do you have to do?

  • The winners will be made public

    on June 19, 2015, and each is expected to redeem their prize by contacting us on this Facebook page through private message.

You may use the $22 prize in two different ways:

either to call him and let him know how much you miss him

  • or to send him an international top up, which is a great Father’s Day gift.

The outcome? You will find out that your Dad may be:

Buddy buddy dad

He was always your number one fan and life-time supporter, but most importantly, your first  best friend. When your room was a mess, there was no need to worry, if you can still find clean socks.

Sir Helicopter

What’s that bee-like noise you can still hear after all these years? It’s your helicopter dad worrying about… pretty much anything. You haven’t called why haven’t you called! You called…why are you calling? Is the house on fire? Did you kill the neighbor’s cat? If so, did they catch you?
Fixo Dad 

Your door won’t close? He’ll fix it. Your car won’t start? He’ll fix it. Your brain won’t work? Your synapses just needed some lubricant, just like the car. Broken heart? He’d fix that too if he could.

Joking guru 

Because of him, you grew up knowing that the rainbow/sun always comes after the rain.

You thought your ears where too big? He said wings come in different shapes and the world need more good listeners :)

Or he’d say “You think you’re so slow that you need a ‘brain camp’? You’re a genius, you’ve just invented a new concept “brain camp”.
To find out more about the profile that fits best your dad’s specialness, you have to…