5 Start-up ideas for Cuban expats

Most of us have at least once thought about the possibility of becoming entrepreneur, of becoming his/her own boss. Of course, at the beginning, we think about waking up late and travelling whenever possible. What would you say about flying to Cuba every time you miss your family and friends? Still, entrepreneurship is most of the times more consuming and engaging than a regular job, at least until the main mechanisms are put in motion. So, for Cuban expats flirting with the idea, here are 5 start-up ideas you may try:

  • Catering

    Of course, Cuban food is the key. Even if this would be a niche market, we are sure it won’t be appealing only for you, but for your entire community. People generally know the Cuban sandwich and Cuba Libre, but we’re sure they would be delighted to taste the delicious ropa vieja, boliche or tamales.

  • Expat consultancy firm

    It’s a process you’ve already followed and your guidelines and tips may help other people that/who are about to leave Cuba and move to US or Canada or wherever they think they can start fresh. Providing reliable information is the essence.

  • E-commerce

    Many expats choose to establish their own online stores. And, generally, there are 2 options:
    – either sell products that are not available or are difficult to find, back home, in Cuba
    – or sell Cuban-specific products to the community you currently live in.
    Of course, in case you’re into crafts, you may sell the objects you produce.

  • Photography

    If you are a skilled photographer you could consider starting your photography online business. There are a number of websites available that will sell your photographs on your behalf, paying you a commission for each one sold.