Father’s Day comes with Super Bono for Cubacel recharges

When it comes to parents, the conversation usually revolves around moms and how amazingly devoted they are. No argument there, but let’s not forget that dads are also half of the reasons why we’re here. :) To celebrate Cuban dads, HablaCuba.com launches a new Cubacel promo.
Starting June 11 until June 15, all Cubacel recharges above 15 CUC get a boost:

  • 15 CUC – Bonus 20 CUC, valid until July 8th
  • 20 CUC – Bonus 10 CUC + 60 min + 50 SMS, valid until July 15th
  • 35 CUC – Bonus 30 CUC + 60 min + 50 SMS, valid until July 15th
  • 45 CUC – Bonus 60 CUC, valid until July 8th
  • 50 CUC – Bonus 50 CUC + 60 min + 50 SMS, valid until July 15th
  • 60 CUC – Bonus 80 CUC, valid until July 8th

So, you get the opportunity to send a great gift to your father back home just before Father’s Day, as a way to say Thank you. You remember how emotional they get and how happy they feel when you show them your love. That’s how they are: powerful, but warm and delicate when it comes to their sons and daughters.

Share your love and win a prize
As usual, we are waiting for Cubacel promo with a great Facebook contest. This month’s challenge? Share your love for your dad in a comment to the Facebook post and win a free top up, that you may send as a gift to the first special hero in your life! Comments can be added by June 12 and the winner will be picked randomly on June 13.

Season 3 Grand Finale
Yes, summer is coming and all great series are on vacations, so we say goodbye to Super Bono and Celita. Don’t miss the Grand finale!