Plan amigos changes & new offer with free calls

In everybody’s life, there are some few special people that drain the mobile balance. It might be mom, who needs to ask so many questions to have a full picture of how your day went, from the first sip of coffee ‘till reaching the dreams land… Or you dad? No, dad always gets straight to the point, ending the conversation in a few minutes, because he has better things to do than to ask you what you had for dinner. If not dad, you probably have some old friend who you love chatting with, the time dilating instantly when you two start talking.

No monthly fee for Amigos plan
For all those awesome talkative Cubans back home, Etecsa changed Amigos plans, giving up the monthly fee. Once activated, the plan’s validity is permanent. In addition, from the fourth replacement of the numbers registered, only 0.10 CUC will be charged for each replacement. The preferential rate of 0.20 CUC / min remains the same.

Free calls for 6 months
At the same time, a new promotion is announced, valid for only six months, consisting of the possibility of calling the numbers registered in the Amigos Plan for free at any time of the day, if you activate a Voice Plan of 15, 25 or 40 minutes.

What stays the same:
The activation fee of 1 CUC
The first 3 entries are free.
The night rate (11:00 p.m – 06:59 am) od 0.10 CUC

So go ahead, call your loved ones back home in Cuba and share the great news, maybe they don’t know yet…