Economic, social and political challenges in Cuba are still part of the daily conversation. More than that, Cuban’s lives and wellbeing are highly dependent on these changes, and the situation didn’t become easier with time. Under these circumstances, we know how important it is for you, the Cubans who left their home country and moved abroad, to be able to help your families and friends back home. On that note, Cubacel promos are a great way to help.

Don’t forget, the promo is valid between May 24-29, so don’t overthink it, make a list with the people who need your help and send a top up asap.
As usual, the bonus is valid for 30 days. Your loved ones back home will also receive the benefit of a 50% discount for International calls. It will apply to all prepaid customers who have Dinero Bonus. Once bono dinero is consumed the main balance will be deducted but keeping active the 50% discount.That means longer talks, to catch up and stay connected.
So plenty of reasons to grab the chance and send international mobile recharges to Cuba.