What are Cuban moms really like?

Mother’s Day, coming soon! No, it’s not a movie trailer, but a heads up, because you don’t want to forget to call your mom on Mother’s Day, right? And since we’re talking about moms, we were thinking of how amazing Cuban moms are, about what makes them these crazy lovable people that shape our personalities and would do anything to make us happy.

Mrs “Know It All”

Be honest, is there any question your mother does not have an answer to? Or a little “I told you so!”, in case you disregarded her advice and things did not go as planned? But they always have our best interest in mind and would go the extra mile to make sure you’re/we’re ok.

She’ll see you as a queen, a king, a princess…

In her eyes, you’ll always be the most precious person in the whole world and the way she calls you will reflect that, even if it may come in a sentence like: “My princess, I brought you into this world, I know best!”

And you will often feel like a queen or a king when she takes care of you

Your visits home are like holidays for her and she’ll cook your favorite dishes and make you feel like a kid again, taking you back to those times when everything was so easy…

But no matter your age, she’ll also take care of your vocal cords

“Kid, shut up and listen”… You might have kids of your own, who may have kids of their own, but when you don’t agree with your mom, you’re always in danger of getting this reply.

Best moms in the whole world

But no matter what she says, you know that she’ll always be there for you, unconditionally, to heal your wounds or to share your joy, because nothing compares to a Cuban mom’s love. So, maybe you can call her to find out what she wants for Mother’s Day or send her a Cubacel top up with extra bonuses. Probably she’d want to have you by her side, but hearing your voice can be the best gift for her.