We know we said it before, but this one is better! Maybe, just maybe, to help you surprise your mom with an earlier gift, that will help her stay connected either traditionally, through voice calls or using online apps and channels. The amounts sent are upgraded as follows:

Remember, the promo runs between May 3 until May 8, so don’t wait until Mother’s Day! Earlier gifts are always welcomed and highly appreciated, you will be the first person who thought about her this year and you know how important that is for a mum. ;)

As usual, there are some terms and conditions that regulate the promo, take a look and make sure you know everything there is to know.

– Bonus Validity: 30 days (from date when top up is received).
– The main balance will keep the same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date).
– Customers will also receive the benefit of 50% discount for International calls. It will apply to all prepaid customers who have Dinero Bonus. Once bono dinero is consumed, the main balance will be deducted but keeping active the 50% discount.
– The promotional bonus can be used for local and international calls and SMS (including SMS entúmovil). It does not apply for usage on Bolsa de Correo and Mobile Internet (Data Packs).
– The promotional CUP bonus can not be transferred to other mobile lines. Only the main account can be transferred.
– Customers who have active Data (GB) Bonus and Dinero Bonus balance from previous promotions and they receive a top up during promotional period, the new expiration date will be 30 days (from date when top up is received) for both (previous and current balance).
– For customers with other valid bonuses (minutes, SMS and Data), expiration date will not be extended.
– Customers under Data plans (all networks and LTE) and their corresponding bonuses (LTE and local navigation .cu) will extend the validity period to 30 days if they receive a valid top up during May 3-8, 2021
How the Data will be consumed:
– Bolsa Diaria (if available)
– Data Bonus
– Active Data packs
– Main balance