Have you heard? ‘Tis the season! The season to be thankful, the season to be generous, the season to put behind this year and start new. Who are we kidding? It’s been rough. It made us take a deep look inside and see what matters most for us. We were forced to analyse the worst scenarios and find a glimpse of hope that helped us in our journey. And it’s not over yet, we still need to hang onto that hope, now we can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, holiday mood on, hope button enabled and let’s take a look at some creative, pocket friendly gift options that would make your family and friends happier and more cheerful.

The Grimm forest – fairytale inspired board game for family and friends

Hard to not get bored when spending so much time inside, right? In this strategic board game, can you outwit your friends and build three houses before the others? In the Grimm Forest, you can seek help from familiar characters and avoid the cunning creatures that lurk in the forest to become the greatest builder in the land! You can buy it from Amazon.com, for $49.99

A Wi-Fi extender

Unless you’re sitting next to your router, you’re probably not getting anywhere near 100% of the internet speed you’re paying for. That’s not good during a pandemic when Wi-Fi is as precious as sanitizer. So, a Wi-Fi extender that may cost as little as $20 is a thoughtful gift your family and friends will appreciate for sure.

A COVID-19 care kit

Masks, gloves, sanitisers, wipes, maybe a pulse oximeter. It can’t get more thoughtful than this nowadays… You can make it fun and personal by purchasing some fancy, scented sanitizer or by adding a warm “stay safe” message!

Funny masks

Since we are on that topic, one more suggestion: creative masks. If we have to wear face masks, we might as well have some fun with them. Funny messages or large smiles or kitten/god faces, plenty of options to choose from.

A free top up

Between December 15-20, HablaCuba.com Facebook page will be hosting a new contest, offering 3 free top ups. All you need to do is to share with us the most valuable lesson you learned this year. We know, it’s been rough but it would be nice to take to 2020 the great insights we had.

Online courses

We all have that friend or mother/father/sister/brother/cousin/aunt/uncle who will start learning a new language or develop some sort of new skills starting next Monday. Or next year! So why not help them with a metaphorical push?


Got a book lover in your life? Nourish his or her passion. There are plenty of books to choose from, such as the books that were cast the most votes this year at Goodreads Choice Awards. In all, 5,674,480 votes were cast for the most popular books, so you can trust their intuition.

No matter what gifts you choose this year, remember that it’s the thought that matters, not the size or the price of the gift and sometimes just a call, to hear their voice and catch up, is worth much more than a pricey object they will use once or twice and then toss it away.