Everyone agrees that online gifts are the best this year! They are a safe alternative to the shopping frenzy that takes everyone from store to store, in search of the perfect gift. And if the online gift also comes with a bonus, it really leaves no reason not to choose it. On that note, HablaCuba.com launches a new Cubacel promo, offering extra GB and CUC on international top ups sent to Cuba. The offer is available starting December 7 until December 12.

Here are the bonuses that accompany the main top ups:

  • 20 CUC – 1GB + 50 CUC
  • 25 CUC – 1GB + 50 CUC
  • 30 CUC – 1GB + 50 CUC
  • 40 CUC – 2GB + 100 CUC
  • 50 CUC – 2GB + 100 CUC
  • 60 CUC – 3GB + 150 CUC
  • 75 CUC – 3GB + 150 CUC
  • 80 CUC – 4GB + 200 CUC

Looking for other ideas of Christmas gifts you can send online? We put together a list with suggestions:

  • Movie/music streaming subscriptions
  • Online classes on different topics: cooking, music lessons, learning a new language, classes for developing new skills, etc.
  • Virtual gym subscriptions
  • If you want to get wild, plane tickets for next year.
  • Classic books and/or audiobooks
  • Heartfelt ecards

Keeping these ideas in mind, you can start writing down your Nice or Naught list and see which family member or friend is on which list.