One thing is for sure: these are not normal times. There are many memes and jokes that became viral in the past few months saying either that 2020 should be cancelled or that people don’t need to add it to their age, because they really didn’t get the chance to actually live this year. And there’s truth in all of these. However, 2020 taught us about what matters most in life, about how to keep family and friends close, no matter the distance. For the same purpose, of keeping family and friends close, no matter the distance, hosts this week a new Cubacel promo. Starting June 8 until June 13, all of you who want to support your family and friends back home now get the chance to make the best of your investments: recharges between 20-80 CUC get triple bonus, as follows:

The promotional balance (Bono Dinero) can be used for local and International calls and SMS (Including SMS entumóvil), whereas Bono Dinero can not be used for Email (Bolsa Correo) and Mobile Data. So you can make sure that your loved ones have all they need to keep the communication going.

In the meantime, Cuba nears declaring coronavirus victory

According to an article published by Reuters, New cases have dropped to less than 10 per day on average from a peak of around 50, and two thirds of the island is virus-free, according to official data.
Monday was the ninth consecutive day with no deaths from COVID-19, while the highly infectious disease continues to rage throughout the Americas.
So, Cuban officials said: “We could be shortly closing in on the tail end of the pandemic and entering the phase of recovery from COVID.”
Fingers crossed!