What are Cuban moms really like?

Mother’s Day, coming soon! No, it’s not a movie trailer, but a heads up, because you don’t want to forget to call your mom on Mother’s Day, right

Surprise, surprise… Super Bono is back!

Are you sad that Easter is gone? No time to think about that, because a new Cubacel promotion is about to come and cheer you up. Both you and your loved ones you usually send top ups to, because Super Bono is in a generous mood: 30 CUC bonus for every top up of minimum […]

Nauta messenger, for your loved ones back home in Cuba

You can let your loved ones back home know there is an option Nauta offers: Nauta messenger!

Easter comes with a new Cubacel promotion

Easter is coming and everybody’s going crazy: shopping for the Easter dinner, buying presents, if that’s a tradition in their family, and most of the times forgetting what Easter is all about…

Easter gift for Cuban expats: $3 bonus for longer international calls to Cuba

We’re here to help you feel closer to home this Easter, launching a special offer: $3 bonus for Voice Credit orders above $20

Etecsa launched Plan Amigos, for lower calling rates in Cuba

Etecsa launched Amigos, a plan designed to help them benefit from lower rates for calls to up to 3 numbers.

Cuban cures for cold

Cuba is not a wealthy country, yet the country has some of the healthiest, most long-lived residents in the world. According to the World Health Organization, life expectancy is 77 years for Cuban men and 81 for Cuban women.

The most generous Super Bono ever: 30 CUC Cubacel bonus and $10 Voice Credit Bonus

Super Bono is anxious to prove his generosity, so he comes earlier this month: Sunday, March 12 is the big day. And stays until March 17.

What makes Cuba special?

Cuba… that special place everyone is talking about as shrouded in mystery. The forbidden island for the Americans until not so long ago, the place where our thoughts wander after leaving Cuba, because it symbolises all of our past and the people we love so dearly! What makes Cuba so special? We’d say: the people! […]

Most popular apps Cubans use

From morning ‘till the end of the day, there’s always an app you may have by your side, to make you life easier: an app to wake you app, an app to tell you how’s the weather like, to know what clothes to put on, an app (at least) to read while heading for work, […]