Nauta super offer: more than 3 hours of free internet access

2016 had it all: Cubacel offers, great Facebook contests, amazing bonuses for Voice Credit orders and now, just before the end of the year, a super bonus for Nauta recharges: 5 CUC bonus, which means more than 3 hours of free internet access. When: The promotion lasts for three magical days: December 27 – December […]

Christmas gift for you and your loved ones: 10% discount for Voice Credit orders

Let’s get straight to the point: Cubans love to share long stories! And Cuban Christmas stories are even longer than the usual ones!

Up to 90 CUC bonus from Super Bono

Super Bono for Cubacel recharges is the first elf Santa is sending to you just before Christmas. Santa wants to make sure that even though you might not spend Christmas in Cuba, with your family, you still get the chance to send them gifts and make their Christmas brighter. And a bonus worth up to […]

3 life lessons Cuban expats learn while living abroad

Let’s face it, when moving abroad, everything changes! Places, people, food, habits… everything! Still, the changing process does not have to be dramatic: you meet new people, you see new places, you try new food and we know that you’re smart enough to keep close to your heart the people you left in Cuba. All […]

7 words only Cubans understand

Cubans brought a special flavour to this world! Their sense of humour, their courage to take challenges, the rhythm they imprint on their everyday life are memorable. Ask your new friends, who are not Cuban, from the countries you moved to and they will only agree with us and even add more beautiful words. This […]

Top 7 FAQ Cuban expats ask when it comes to international top ups & calls to Cuba

Every question needs an answer! And our Help center is here to make your quest for answers easier. But how about answering the questions before being asked?

Why are people looking for Super Bono? Reason #1: up to 90 CUC Cubacel bonus

Every month, Cubans worldwide are looking for Cubacel Bonus to make a nice surprise for their loved ones back home in Cuba.

Top 5 most famous Cuban symbols

Ask anyone in the entire world if he or she wanted to visit Cuba  and you can definitely guess the answer: an enthusiastic Yes. Let’s go further and see the reasons beyond this enthusiasm. Should the wonderful Cuban landscapes be the reason? Or the friendly people? Or the great music which inspires everyone and invades […]

How are Cuban men really like?

A few months ago, we talked on our blog about how special Cuban women are. We could have written a novel about this, but we sticked to some of the most significant qualities. 😉 But what about Cuban men? And since it’s not fair to leave them aside, here are some things that can be […]

Top 10 Cubans favourite songs

We did it again! We joined forces and gathered a playlist with the songs that get Cuban parties started.