How are Cuban men really like?

A few months ago, we talked on our blog about how special Cuban women are. We could have written a novel about this, but we sticked to some of the most significant qualities. 😉 But what about Cuban men? And since it’s not fair to leave them aside, here are some things that can be […]

Top 10 Cubans favourite songs

We did it again! We joined forces and gathered a playlist with the songs that get Cuban parties started.

What’s better than double? Almost triple bono!

This week is special for all Cuban expats out there, because it’s Super Bono week! This means that repays your generosity and for every top up above 20 CUC you send, the people receiving the top up get almost triple Cubacel credit. The offer is valid starting October 17 and until October 21. Here […]

See you on Instagram!

We have a brand new channel we’ll use to stay in touch with you: Instagram!

What to choose: Nauta or Cubacel recharges?

When it comes to your loved ones back in Cuba, we know you always want the best! But sometimes you just need to pick the option that suits both your wish to help and your family’s or friends’ need. So, what to choose: ¿Nauta or Cubacel recharges?

5 ways to spend wisely $22

Spending money… quite a sensitive topic. According to studies (and active observation), women love to spend money on new clothes, beauty products…

Cuban music, cure for the soul

Heritage month can not be complete without the celebration of the Cuban music, a real cultural treasure not only for Cubans, but for the entire world.

Save the date: September 12-16, your next Super bono promotion

Super Bono is back, offering you the opportunity to surprize your folks back home in Cuba with a bulky international top up invites you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month

There are so many things to be proud of, when looking at our Latino heritage. But everyday life and struggles make us forget all that and take for granted the richness of our cultural, emotional and social heritage.

How you use PayPal for international calls, top ups and Nauta recharges

At first, many of you sometimes face the difficulties of not having a bank account opened in the country where you are currently living. All new beginnings have their fair share of obstacles to overcome and being an expat is no exception to this rule. What can you do, in this case? You can use […]