Celebrating International Homesickness Day with Super Bono and great life lessons

On International Homesickness Day, the greatest gift both for you and for your loved ones back home in Cuba was Cubacel promotion.

Celebrating International Homesickness Day with Super Bono

We’ve talked so many times about the things we miss about Cuba, after moving abroad… Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes sad…

Cuba after Irma

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. These days were a real challenge for many of us, either living in the US, in the states where the hurricane hit, or worrying about what might happen back home in Cuba. It wasn’t easy, but maybe it was nature’s way of bringing us closer, of making us […]

Funny stereotypes all Cuban expats are familiar with

They seem funny now, after all these years, but let’s face it, it hasn’t always been like this. The constant questions about Cuba’s political situation and Cubans’ life in communism…

11 amazing things most people don’t know about Cuba

Its people, its natural beauty, its wonderful traditions, its rhythms and these are only a few of the things that come to one’s mind when thinking of Cuba.

August Cubacel promo, starting on the 21st… Check out the details!

Here’s the Cubacel promo in August/ It won’t be boring, we promise!

Why are Cuban families special?

Cubans have a strong family orientation! They care about each other and always try to be as helpful as possible, not only for the close family, but also for the extended family. The community (neighbourhood, church, school and production cooperative) also serves as something of an extended family, helping to reinforce social values and emotional […]

Fascinating Cuban superstitions

In Cuban culture, avoiding death and the evil eye is almost a full time job. So many things can go wrong that we are sometimes surprised how we made it to adulthood. 😀 Either we are superstitious or simply choose not to pay too much attention to this sort of beliefs, it’s important to know […]

5 must-have apps for Cuban expats

Phones make our lives easier, no doubt about it! Keeping in touch with your family and friends…

The never-ending Cuban love story

The never-ending Cuban love story: Super Bono and Celita. Behind the scenes. Curious to find out how it all started? How did Super Bono and Celita come to life? And more importantly, why? Here are some glimpses into the Cuba love story “Amor a las recargas”… Cubacel monthly promotion was our inspiration HablaCuba.com team was […]