Every 10 minutes, a new customer joins HablaCuba.com. But what convinces them to use our service and not choose another one? We all know there are a dozen of similar providers that offer international calls to Cuba and many other options for Cubacel top ups.
So, what makes the difference between HablaCuba.com and the fierce competition? Or, why no, why customers prefer us and not them? Here’s why HablaCuba.com is the best calling service for Cuban expats:

Because our mission itself is bringing you and your family and friends…

…closer together, no matter the distance that may separate you at the moment. That’s why you may show people back home in Cuba that you miss them by calling them on a regular base.
You may choose between:

  • Voice Credit and the cost is 69.9¢/min to any landline or mobile
  • Monthly Plan and the cost is 55.5 ¢/min to any landline or mobile, for Cuba 90, that offers 90 minutes for $49.99/mo.

In addition to this, calling is very easy, you may place calls:

  • from any phone, using access numbers
  • from any computer with an Internet connection through the Web Call application or
  • from any smartphone as HablaCuba.com offers a free app, for both iOS and Android devices, called KeepCalling. By using the free app, you can call by using your phone contacts as long as they are saved in international format. And you can also enjoy a new feature within the app: calling offline, without an internet connection or when the connection is poor.

You can be sure there are absolutely no hidden fees

When we say no hidden fees, we mean it! What you see is what you pay, always. Whatever product you may choose, you can be sure you will never be overcharged. One of our dearest values is transparency and we put it into practice in all our relationships, especially in our relationship with our customers.
Unlike most other services, with HablaCuba.com the rate displayed on the website is everything you pay. With Skype for instance, in addition to the visible rate, you also need to pay a connection fee for each call. With Rebtel, you will always pay more than the rate displayed on the website if you’re in the EU, because the VAT is not included in any of their prices. HablaCuba.com has no connection fees, no processing fees, and no hidden VAT. Honesty is the best policy! Calls to Cuba are 69.9¢/min to any landline or mobile in the beautiful country. See for yourself!

You can try the service for as little as $2

The minimum purchase amount is reduced to a minimum, indeed.
You can buy as little as $2 Voice Credit that you can use for international calls. Why? Because we want to give you the chance to see for yourself we’re the real deal!
Plus, the credit you purchase to call Cuba:
√ never expires
√ can be used both for calls & SMS to Cuba
√ can be used to call through access numbers or from a free app for iOS & Android called KeepCalling

Customers trust us: over 5000 people rated HablaCuba.com as Great

Customer feedback is not only vital to us, it’s also important to other customers. Firsthand experience from our users gives potential customers precious information and is more trustworthy than any advertisement.
HablaCuba.com has high ratings on review websites and receives favorable customer feedback on a regular basis. On Trustpilot, one of the leading review websites out there, HablaCuba.com scores 8.9 out of 10 based on over 4000 reviews. Pretty trustworthy, huh? HablaCuba.com ranks higher than all its competitors, since Skype scores 0.6, Rebtel 7.8, and Vonage 6.