Did you ever get the feeling that you are always waiting for something? The next vacation, the next visit to Cuba, the next weekend… And life happens in between, as if in a waiting room. And sometimes we seem to need a huge stop sign to tell us: Stop waiting, start living. Somehow, we got that this year, with the whole pandemic madness that made us reevaluate everything. However, it’s easy to say “Stop waiting, start living”, hard to make it work, because we are programmed to wait for some kind of reward. Maybe it comes from childhood, psychologists may say, when we had to wait for our favorite part of the meal, the dessert.

So it’s Friday again, that moment we are all waiting for, so try not to forget to remember that…

We are not made for mediocre moments

We aren’t made for being stagnant and for staying quiet. We aren’t made for spotless tile floors. We aren’t made for fake smiles and for pretending. We aren’t made for spectacular days. We are were made for becoming friends with strangers and for being loud. You are made for sometimes dirty paths that lead you to blue waves and sunny beaches. You are made for dirty clothes that have witnessed the world with us. So do something different this weekend. Go out for a walk. Call your friends over for pizza or something. Plan a family trip or try to cook something different. Yes, new and different are key.

Another thing not to forget: Cubacel promo ends August 15!

An important part in everyone’s lives, maybe THE MOST important part is the family. And for some of us, a part of the family lives miles away from us, that’s why we try to help them every way we can. This week Cubacel offered us the opportunity to top up their mobiles with extra credit they can also use to purchase 3G plans. The promo ends August 15, so don’t forget to grab it before it’s gone.