Recent studies have shown that pursuing happiness through social means like spending more time with family and friends is more likely to be effective than other methods. And since the Cubacel bonuses are available again, invites all Cuban expats to seize the moment, connect with their favorite Cubans and send them good vibes together with a Cubacel top-up. 

What do the bonuses look like this week?

This is a “GB, minutes and texts bonus” type of promo, so here are the extra benefits that accompany the international mobile recharges sent to Cuba: 

More great news…

As usual, you enjoy the same special extra offer: NO FEES for top ups of 1000 CUP or more. 

Can you send several top ups?

Of course. Depending on your loved ones’ needs, you can send several top-ups in this promotional period and this balance is accumulated in the main balance. The Bonuses of this recharge will be activated at the moment the client receives the recharge. These bonuses will be valid for 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge, whereas the main amount of the recharge does maintain the established validity period (330 days).

What happens if the recipient still has bonuses from previous promos?

Customers who have valid BONUSES of Data, Minutes and SMS from previous promotions and purchase this new offer, will be accumulated with the bonus corresponding to this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the date the recharge is received.

Top up notifications? Checked.

After a top-up has been made during the promotion, the user receives a notification with the following text: “You received a top-up of XXXX.XX CUP. Transaction YYYYYYY. By this promotion Triple your recharge, you have XXXX.XX CUP”.

The recipient will receive a time threshold SMS when there are a few days left before the expiration date of the bonus.

Since the offer ends on October 15, grab the opportunity and