Sometimes, we run across jokes that just put us instantly in a good mood. They are so funny that we can’t help ourselves from bursting into laughter, despite being all by ourselves at work, behind our desks or on the bus, while commuting… We navigated the internet and reached even pages 3-4 of Google searches (haha!) and put together a nice collection of Cuban jokes. 

Laugh away!

– What did the Cuban parents tell their kids when they said they wanted to visit the motherland?
– Havana ooh na na…

If a Cuban man marries a woman from Iceland and have children, can the children be considered ice cubes?

– Heard about Cuban Santa?
– He’s makin’ a list… chicken and rice…

– If the world were a cube…
– We’d all be Cubans!

– Why is it customary to drink 8 mojitos a day in Cuba?
– It’s the Hemming way.

A slice of pie costs $3.50 in Barbados,
$3.00 in Saint Lucia, $2.50 in Belize, and $2 in Cuba.

Those are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

– What do Cuban Koala bears eat?
– Yucalyptus.