A new Cubacel promo is coming, the one those of you always online love so much: extra GB for all international top ups sent to Cuba between March 8 – 13!

Here are he bonuses your loved ones back home may enjoy during the promo:

And since you’re generous and lovely, as usual, here’s some extra information that you find useful when choosing between the multiple options you have for getting in touch with your loved ones back home in Cuba.

But what does that really mean? What can your loved ones do with 1GB, 2Gb or 3GB you may send extra this week? Here are some figures:

How much data does a 5-minute call need when using the most popular calling apps in Cuba?

  • IMO - 2 MB video call
  • Telegram - 2.5 MB regular call
  • WhatsApp - 1 MB for regular calls and 16 MB for video calls
  • Messenger - 17 MB for regular calls and 22 MB for video calls

How much data does texting need?

  • WhatsApp - 1.2 MB - 10 messages
  • Messenger - 0.4 MB - 10 messages

Social media is also becoming more and more popular, so a large part of the data allotment goes there:

Facebook uses approximately:

  • 80 MB for 1 hour of navigation
  • 160 MG for one hour of video watching
  • 0.4 MB - for one post
  • 1.75 - post plus photo

Instagram uses approximately:

  • 720 MB for 1 hour of navigation
  • 0.3 MB for one post plus photo
  • 5 MB for one post plus video

Youtube is charming, indeed, but also pretty cost-sensitive when it comes to data:

  • 11.7 MB - one minute of standard video
  • 41.7 MB - one minute of high quality videos
  • 97.5 MB - one minute of 4K video

Other useful info:

  • Approx. 60 MB/h - surfing the web
  • Approx. 700 MB for surfing a webpage
  • Approx. 20 KB - an email without attachments
  • Approx 1.15 - an email with archived attachment
  • Approx 150 MB/ hour for listening to music
  • Approx 60 MB/hour for podcasts