Ahoy, loyal members of the crew!

Picture this: you’re sailing through a sea of summer spendings, and suddenly, you spot a shining beacon of incredible offers on the horizon. That’s right, it’s Cubacel’s exclusive promo, and we’re thrilled to have you on board! Get ready to embark on an exciting voyage filled with fantastic savings and unforgettable connections.

Setting Sail:

As the warm breeze of summer fills the air, we invite you to set sail with us on a journey like no other. Our exclusive promo is the compass that will guide you to an oasis of incredible offers, designed to make your summer even more delightful:

Navigating the Seas of Bonuses:

Just like a skilled captain guiding a ship, we’re here to steer you towards amazing bonuses. From discounted rates for calls and data to bonus credits that will make your heart skip a beat, our exclusive promo is your ticket to unlocking a world of affordability and connection.

Here are more details that will help you navigate this promo easier:

  • The bonuses from this recharge (Data + minutes + SMS + unlimited internet) will be activated as soon as the customer receives the recharge.
  • The bonuses from this promotion are valid for 30 days, starting from the time the recharge is received until 23:59 hours in Cuba. The main recharge amount maintains its established validity period (330 days).
  • The bonuses cannot be transferred to another mobile line; they are only for the consumption of the line that was recharged. Only the main recharge amount can be transferred if desired.
  • The minutes and SMS bonuses can be used for international calls and messages.
  • With the bonus of GB Data (all networks, valid for 30 days) plus the unlimited internet from this promotion, access will be available to all national and international websites. The discount for the Data (GB) is applied per consumed MB. The discount for the unlimited internet is applicable between 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • If the customer has active bonuses for Data (all networks), minutes, SMS, and unlimited internet from previous promotions and acquires this new offer, they will accumulate with the corresponding bonuses from this promotion, and the expiration date will be 30 days from the time the recharge is received.
  • If the customer has combined plans (national/international), Data packages (GB), Voice and SMS plans, and LTE packages, and they acquire this new offer, the expiration date will be extended to 30 days from the time the recharge is received, with a deadline of 23:59 hours in Cuba.
  • If the customer has combined plans (national and international), Data packages (GB), Voice and SMS plans, and LTE packages from previous promotions, they will not accumulate with the current bonuses from previous promotions.

Smooth Sailing Ahead:

Rest assured, our crew is committed to ensuring smooth sailing throughout your journey. Our website and our app provide a seamless experience, making it easy to navigate and take advantage of the fantastic offers awaiting you. And if you need help, our Customer Support team will be happy to help!