A typical day in Cuba…

Do you remember those days? When you still lived in Cuba with your family and friends by your side, facing all the financial hardships and challenges and still being able to see the best part in life? Of course you do, everything seemed so easy back then… Maybe you left Cuba when you were still young and the usual day looked like a happy childhood dream. Or maybe you left later on, when you realized that your struggles wouldn’t lead anywhere and the perspective of never-ending frustrations made you say “Enough is enough!”… Either way, years went by and your soul chose to keep the great memories, the idealistic image Cuba. The key to a peaceful life sometimes lies in choosing to see what’s best.

Back to Cuba, let’s take a glimpse into a typical day in Cuba, according to studies and statistics:

Waking up at 6
A typical Cuban wakes up at 6, because s(he) needs about an hour to get to work… Dipping a tostada into a cup of cafe con leche (coffee with milk). Or just a cafe con leche is perfect for welcoming the new day.

8:00- 17:00 – Work 
After waking up, the Cubans spend about 1 hour getting ready and 30-60 minutes to get to work. According to statistics, most Cubans use the bus to go to work or the bike. Walking is also an option, when the distance is not that large and they want to stay fit. :)

Life after work…
Cubans believe in life after work, so 17:00 is the moment they can start thinking about themselves and their loved ones. So they go home and get dinner ready, waiting for the whole family to gather around and share stories about how their day went. Or they go online to see what’s new with you, the daughter/ son/ niece / nephew or friend who lives abroad. Maybe it’s been years since you left, but this constant care and regular talks make distance fade ways.

Besides staying connected online, using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Cubans also : 

  • Listen to music, ballads and salsa being their favorites.
  • Play baseball, soccer and chess in the park
  • Drink homemade cocktails… You still remember the taste and maybe the recipe, right?

Beyond statistics about a typical day in Cuba, life in Cuba, the way we choose the remember, is cheerful and fun and filled with great people and fantastic friends.