On Valentine’s Day, we say it loud and clear: WE LOVE CUBA. And since all strong relationships are based on loving the other person’s small or big qualities and quirks, this article will talk extensively about Cuba’s amazing beauty, showing Cubans’ resilience and capacity to overcome all challenges and become every day stronger than the day before.

Yes, we do have an ulterior motive for this lovey-dovey mood, besides Valentine’s Day. Last year took its toll on Cuba’s tourism. This year, let’s talk more about Cuba’s beauty and invite people to spend their holidays on the marvelous beaches or visiting the countryside.

We’ll start the list with the places that make Cuba this special place in our souls and invite you on our Facebook page to share your own faves:

Old Havana

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Habana Vieja or Old Havana is a well-preserved slice of Cuban history. Walking down the cobbled streets and gazing up at the grand Baroque and neoclassical buildings, it’s easy to imagine what life in Cuba was like 200 years ago.


Although Havana is Cuba’s modern capital, it wasn’t always the center of Cuban politics. Baracoa is sometimes known as the First City, and it was the very first capital of the island. Baracoa was founded in the early 16th century and it retains much of its colonial architecture. The Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion is just one example worth checking out. Baracoa is also a great base for visiting El Yunque, a mountain overlooking the city where visitors can hike and explore the green, lush rainforest environment just 30 minutes from the beach.

Parque Nacional Viñales

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ve definitely been there, as the park offers fantastic hiking and horseback riding in the hills. In the Parque Nacional Vinales there are also agricultural areas where tobacco, fruit, and vegetables are grown.

Peninsula de Zapata

Everybody knows Cuba is a great destination for bird watching lovers and Peninsula de Zapata is on the top of the list of amazing places where one can do that. A haven for birders and nature lovers, the Peninsula de Zapata is a remote, sparsely populated area of Cuba with diverse landscapes and one of the largest wetlands in the Caribbean.

Varadero beach

There simply is no other place on earth like it. Many people refer to Varadero Beach in Cuba as the “most beautiful beach in the world.” Why? Because it is! It is 36 kilometers of sand that looks and feels like white powdered sugar. So they say, as we’ve never been there. But what do you think?


This is the Cuba everybody has in mind: cobblestones, pastel, retro Cadillacs and salsa until the early morning. And you’ll never be alone, as you’ll definitely find someone ready to join you on the rhythm of music.

Morro Castle

El Morro fortress served as the stage for defensive battles against marauding attacks, which is where it got its current name: “The Museum of Piracy.” Watching the city from up there is simply breathtaking.

El Nicho waterfalls

At the mountains of El Nicho you can hike through the caves, waterfall bathing and track the mountain’s exotic flora and fauna. It sounds like a little piece of heaven…

And the entire Cuba sounds like this, so let’s continue the list on Facebook and let us know…