Special Cubacel bonuses from Super Bono: November 13-17>>

Cubacel monthly promotion we are all waiting for is just around the corner. Our colleagues from the marketing department have beautifully crafted their messages, waiting for you to send all your love and care back home through mobile recharges, sprinkled with tasty bonuses.

Here are the best deals you can get this month:

  • 30 CUC + 50 min + 50 SMS
    For only
    20 CUC
  • 105 CUC
    For only
    45 CUC
  • 90 CUC + 150 min + 150 SMS
    For only
    60 CUC

While waiting for Super Bono, you can join a funny Facebook contest, offering you the opportunity to win a free top up. All you have to do is share with us in what region of Cuba you used to live, because as we all know, this is a frequent question when you live far away from home and meet a Cuban, just like you.

That’s not all! Forget about Game of Thrones or Grey’s Anatomy or The Big Bang Theory, ‘cause a new season of the Cuban soap opera Amor a las recargas just started. Our two heroes are planning their trip to CUba. See how this turns out!