Send up to 90 CUC bonus for Cubacel recharges + 50 CUC as a prize

Since summer is such a busy and fun time, we feel the need to share our many plans and experiences with our loved ones, even if or especially since they are far away from us. They too would like to get in touch with us more often and tell us about their holidays and ask us about ours.


Well, HablaCuba has a great surprise for you, that will help you receive more calls and texts from your friends and family in Cuba: a new and very generous Super Bono for Cubacel recharges! You can now send a lot of free mobile credit to Cuba, to enjoy this summer to the fullest together with your loved ones.


The Super Bono promotion will be back on between July 24-28. As you already know by now, you get the best value for your money with HablaCuba: a maximum bonus of 90 CUC. Every recharge between 20 CUC and 60 CUC is rewarded with a Super Bono, as follows:


  • For 20 CUC recharges, you will send 50 CUC
  • For 30 CUC recharges, you will send 60 CUC
  • For 40 CUC recharges, you will send 100 CUC
  • For 50 CUC recharges, you will send 110 CUC
  • For 60 CUC recharges, you will send 150 CUC

And that’s not all! You can also get a free top up of 50 CUC by participating in a contest on HablaCuba’s Facebook page. All you need to do to enter the competition is post a comment describing the best prank you can think of. Also, check out this month’s video starring Super Bono and Celita, you’ll find a few funny pranks there as well. ;)


The winner of the competition will be chosen randomly. He/she will receive a free 20 CUC recharge that will benefit from the Super Bono promotion as well, so the final amount of the prize will be 50 CUC. The contest is open by July 25 and everyone is invited to participate!