The never-ending Cuban love story

The never-ending Cuban love story: Super Bono and Celita. Behind the scenes.

Curious to find out how it all started? How did Super Bono and Celita come to life? And more importantly, why? Here are some glimpses into the Cuba love story “Amor a las recargas”…

Cubacel monthly promotion was our inspiration team was always waiting impatiently for the Cubacel promotion, trying to convey the news from a new perspective. It was like every month we fell in love once again and discovered new angles, a process which we loved. All these facts gave birth to a challenging thought: how about a soap opera? A love story between Super Bono, a Cuban hero and Celita, his significant other, in our story the smartphone to which Super Bono sends generous top ups every month.

By the way, this week is a Super Bono week, so you can also play the part of a hero for your loved ones back home. ;);)

And the story began
We watched our beloved characters drawing the Christmas list and thinking what amount to send to their family, we watched Super Bono singing serenades and Celita trying her best to impress Super Bono with her cooking skills…They felt homesick and went to Cuba, to visit their family and friends, they felt how hard it is sometimes to be far away from home… But let’s not get nostalgic and see what pranks they played one another in this episode: