Thanksgiving is over, but the celebration continues! While the rest of the world is rolling out their Black Friday deals (okay, maybe we also join in the madness) and planning for Christmas (that one too), we Cubans have our own post-Thanksgiving joy that makes us proud. So, grab your cafecito and get ready to laugh as we explore five interesting reasons Cuban expats can be thankful after Thanksgiving.

Noche Buena Countdown

While others are eagerly counting down the days to Christmas, we Cubans have our eyes on a different prize—Noche Buena! For us, this is the real holiday highlight. The countdown to December 24th begins on January 1st. Who cares about opening presents when you can feast on lechón, moros y cristianos, and yuca con mojo? Noche Buena is the Cuban version of Christmas morning, and we’re thankful it comes with a side of salsa music.

Cuban-Style Leftovers

Forget about turkey sandwiches; we’ve got arroz con pollo, ropa vieja, and picadillo leftovers for days! Cuban cuisine gets better with time, and our leftovers are like fine wine—they only improve with age. We’re thankful for the mouthwatering meals that keep on giving, even after the Thanksgiving table has been cleared.

Cafecito Wisdom

Cafecito isn’t just a beverage; it’s our daily dose of wisdom. In those tiny cups, we find solutions to life’s problems, both big and small. Need relationship advice? Cafecito. Can’t find your car keys? Cafecito. It’s like a warm, magical elixir that puts everything into perspective. We’re thankful for the wisdom that brews in those tiny cups.

The Potluck of Traditions

Thanksgiving is a time for traditions, but as Cuban expats, we’ve blended our cultural heritage with American customs. We’re thankful for our unique “potluck” of traditions that includes everything from playing dominoes after dinner to dancing salsa in the living room. Our Thanksgiving celebrations are a true fusion of cultures, and it’s always a fiesta to remember!

Stay Connected

Being a Cuban expat means you’ve got family and friends scattered across the globe. But thanks to technology, we can stay connected like never before. Whether it’s a heartfelt call with abuela or a hilarious group chat with primos, technology keeps us close. And we,, are there to help you with this :)

As Cuban expats, we’ve got our own brand of post-Thanksgiving joy. Noche Buena, Cuban-style leftovers, and our unique Cuban time zone make this season truly special. Plus, staying connected with loved ones and sipping cafecito wisdom are the cherries on top of our celebrations. So, here’s to being thankful for the hilarious and heartwarming quirks that make us Cuban expats truly one-of-a-kind. ¡Salud y felicidad!