TV stations, radio stations, people on social media, friends and family… everybody’s talking about an unfriendly future, about an upcoming crisis, about more and more challenges lying ahead. It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore this buzz and focus on the present. However, to help you concentrate on “now” and what matters most, launches a new offer that triples the value of the international top up sent to Cubacel mobiles:

Limited time offer

Unlike the previous Cubacel promo that would last only 3-5 days, 6 tops, this offer is available for 8 days. The offer is valid starting July 20 until July 27. In addition to this, to make things even more economical, charges no fees for orders of 1000 CUP or more.

It gets better than Triple recharge…

You are probably wondering how it can get better than this. Oh, well, we’re throwing in one more benefit: NO FEES for top up above 1000 CUP. How does that sound?

What about the bonus validity?

The Cuban relatives and friends who receive your top-ups will benefit from the same validity for the main Cubacel credit, 330 days.

How can the balance be used?

With the balance received in the promotion, the client will be able to carry out all the approved actions: national and international calls, purchase of bags, packages, Data plans, Minutes and SMS, he will be able to carry out balance transfers, activate the Amigo plan.
A client can make multiple top-ups, as long as they do not exceed the maximum amount established for their main account and for bonuses.
1. Main account: 500,000 CUP
2. Bonus money: 500,000 CUP
3. Minute bonus: 8,575 Min (514,500 seconds)
4. SMS Bonus: 33,335 SMS

How does all of this sound? If the answer is Swell, grab the phone and…