“Yes” is for the optimists and research says that they get more done and are successful than pessimists. Two important reasons to start looking on the bright side and appreciate the little things in your life, those you realize that matter most in troubled times: being healthy, having your loved ones by your side, even if that means miles away, being able to stay connected despite that distance… To help you with welcoming all the good things coming your way and the amazing opportunities that arrive on your doorstep, here’s a new Cubacel combo that will help you support your loved ones back home in Cuba even more. 

What’s new in this promo?

The offer is valid for top-ups of 500 CUP or more and the bonuses range from 10 GB (5B all networks + 5 GB LTE), 80 mins and 80 SMS to 50 GB (25 GB all networks + 25 GB LTE), 400 mins and 400 SMS: 

What stays the same?

Well, our generosity stays the same and you enjoy the same special extra offer: NO FEES for top ups of 1000 CUP or more. 

What about the bonus validity?

The Bonuses of this recharge will be activated the moment the client receives the top-up. These bonuses are valid for 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge. The main amount of the recharge does maintain the established validity period (330 days).

For the customers who have plans and packages of DATA, Minutes, SMS and acquire this new offer, the expiration date will be extended to 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge.

For the customers who have valid BONUSES of Data, Minutes and SMS from previous promotions and acquire this new offer, these prior bonuses will be accumulated with the bonus corresponding to this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the date of receipt of the recharge.

To transfer or not to transfer? That is that question and here is the answer

The vouchers cannot be transferred to another mobile line, it is only for the consumption of the line that was recharged. They can only transfer the main amount of the top-up, if they wish.

When will the transaction be processed?

The top-up reaches the destination almost instantly. However, top ups of 1000 CUP or more will be divided into separate top ups, so that you receive the maximum bonus possible. The recharges may arrive several minutes apart.