Why are international calls to Cuba so expensive

Everybody knows how strong Cuban family bounds are, no matter how far away from each other the family members may be. The relationships, not only between families, but between friends, as well, stay strong because they keep in touch: they call often and they send international top ups to their loved ones back home on a regular basis.

HablaCuba.comThis brings us to a very sensitive topic, the one of the international calls to Cuba, which are very expensive as compared to other destinations. Why is that?
The main reason seems to be the turbulent US-Cuba diplomatic relationships, which influenced the telecommunications, too. Because of the embargo, calls to Cuba have to be routed through third-parties, like Canada or Mexico, which incurs on extra fees. Also because of the embargo, Cuban telecoms have to buy their technology from other countries instead of the U.S., which is more expensive.
But things are getting better, since we are witnessing political and economic attempts to work things out, to knock down trade barriers and build relations.

Cheaper options:
Voip technology, such as the one HablaCuba.com uses. You only need access to the Internet and get much cheaper calls to Cuba. When using the access numbers for calling, you don’t even need internet connection.
And the rates are much lower: only 69.9¢/min. Even the popular PC to PC or PC to phone provider Skype charges 72.1¢/min.

69.9 ¢/min + no extra fees! And you enjoy crystal clear quality and the support of a great customer care team, in case you need help. But you already know that, as we’ve been here for you since 2007, helping you and your family stay in touch, no matter the distance.