For the first time in history, launches Dia del Corazon Latino

Hard working, family-oriented, passionate about cooking and in love with good jokes. And these are only some of the qualities latinos are known for. To celebrate the great things latinos and especially Cubans, brought to this world, sets an official celebration, proclaimimg October 15th as “Dia del Corazon latino”, for the first time in history.

Where do latinos meet to celebrate Día del Corazón Latino?
On  HablaCuba Facebook page. The celebration starts on October 8th, with a challenge. You are invited to imagine a world without the latin spirit…Then switch back and think about what latin spirit provided to this beautiful world. Share your thoughts and then stay tuned to find out what’s next!

What does “Día del Corazón Latino” mean?
Dia del Corazon latino is all about:

  • celebrating latinos worldwide, still living in their mother countries or living abroad
  • inviting latino friends and families to come together, no matter the distance that might separate them
  • identifying more of the things that latinos gave to the world heritage: food, fun, inventions, culture, sports, aso.
  • having fun!

So, save the date: October 15th- Dia del Corazon latino! Come visit our Facebook page and let us entertain you!
Call everyone back home in Cuba and let them know Cuba is setting the rhythm for Dia del Corazon latino! Your help is needed to start the dance, see you on Facebook!