Calling or texting Cuba? What do Cuban expats prefer?

A call is real time, it only takes seconds to get on the same page with the person you’re calling. Or hours, it’s only up to you. Short stories, long stories, they all find their perfect place during a phone call.
But what about a funny or love message, received on a rainy, cold day? Isn’t it just heartwarming? According to our statistics, Cuban expats prefer calling home, but in an ideal world, where you could send messages or call Cuba for free, what would you choose: calling or texting?

We would choose both, but we think calling Cuba is better than textingand here is why:


  • Leaves no room to misunderstandings.

    Let’s imagine your wife sends a message about her new haircut and you only reply with “Great”. Don’t be surprised if she’s upset when you get home. Just “great”? With no emoji? No exclamations marks? You couldn’t care less about her enthusiasm about the new haircut! What if you you really talked to each other and she could feel the tone of your voice, which was positive, heartfelt, happy? You could avoid all the drama with just a simple call.

  • It’s just between the two of you! The way you just call to see what’s new and end up talking about the fun you had last Christmas, tens of minutes later. That never happens when sending text messages. And there’s something else: hearing someone’s loved voice is that more special. It just makes you happy, no matter how hard your day was, no matter how many things you still have on your mind.

  • It makes them feel special

    We live in a fast-paced world where everything is at hand’s length and you can order anything you could ever think of from apps and websites. So, taking the time to pick up the phone and call someone is special! And that’s more special when you’re calling for no reason, just to catch up.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to show them you miss them, and both a message and a call can do the trick. So,