Find out how much you can save on international calls to Cuba

We all love savings! That’s why Black Friday was invented! But can you imagine Black Friday every day? With, you have great rates, so can save on international calls to Cuba every single day. We don’t want you to take our word for it, because now you have a tool: it’s called Savings calculator. This magic wand helps you see how much you save or would save with HablaCuba!

All you need to do is fill in some details:

  1. How much do you currently pay for international calls?
  2. How many minutes do you call to landlines in Cuba?
  3. How many minutes do you call to mobiles in Cuba?

Besides great rates, we’re offering some other features that match all your needs:

  • 100% call quality
  • Fair rates to all destinations
  • Absolutely no extra fees
  • No contract
  • Balance never expires
  • Free calling app
  • Free features

If you are already our customer, you already know known by now how much helps you keep a great relationship with all your loved ones back home in Cuba. The standard rate is 69,9 ¢ /min either for calling landlines or mobiles. But stay close, as Christmas is near and we usually offer gifts :)
And by the way, do you know what your family and friends from Cuba want for Christmas?  ¿Why don’t you give them a call? It’s never too early to start investigating ;)