You probably do! And not one person, but many who need a Cubacel recharge, to help them stay connected to the people who matter most, both inside and outside Cuba. This next Cubacel promo is designed to cover both wishes offering extra CUP and extra GB, to satisfy all needs:

The promo is running between August 9-14, 2021, so you’ve got some time to think about the people you could help this month.

As usual, terms and conditions apply, so pay attention to the fine print.

Covid-19 cases still on the rise

Cuba is still experiencing challenging times, both in terms of politics and health. COVID-19 cases are still rising. writes that some hotels are turning into hospitals: instead of tourists, the Hotel Ciego de Avila will hold up to 240 low-risk pediatric patients, officials say, while the Las Canas Motel will have 53 beds for pregnant women with the coronavirus.

Useful tips for your loved ones back home

Since Cubans faced Internet blockage recently, tech specialists suggest using a VPN service to avoid the restrictions. There are several VPN providers, some of them free, maybe you can take a closer look at this market and make some recommendations.