As we all know, Cubans began having access to the internet on smartphones only in 2018. Although only little time has passed since, podcasts have flourished, debating politics, current events, history, entrepreneurship. It’s not easy to do that in Cuba, to speak your mind, to ignite the conversation and encourage others to do the same. That’s one of the reasons why the podcasts landscape is changing rapidly, some of them managing to survive after gathering an audience and growing at a fast pace, some others vanishing as if they were never there.
We put together a list of podcasts still on the market and worth paying attention to.

El Enjambre

A podcast New York Times talked extensively about in an article published last year, shortly after July protests. The New York Times states that for El Enjambre, no topic is off limits and cites Camilo Condis, the podcast’s creator who explains that “The objective was to create a conversation like you’d have on any street corner in Cuba. But we provide only verified facts, because it matters greatly to us to never provide false information.” Sounds like a good breath of fresh air, of objectivity in an ocean heavily polarized between the positive Cuban state version and the negative opinions about Cuban leadership, as reflected in worldwide media.

El Podcast de Cuba Hoy

The title is pretty self explanatory, the podcast discussing the hottest topics of the day. It is conceived as a mix of information and music. Each episode debates a main topic  and the conversations will be alternated with refreshing Cuban music. Conversations and music, two of the things Cubans love the most, right?

Una Cubana de la Habana

As shown in the Spotify description, this podcast is offered by a Cuban from Havana, who brings with her many stories, mostly based on her own experience. The podcast talks about Havana of the 90s and shares the stories of a girl, a young woman, a woman in a different, unique society.

Cuba. The 90 miles podcast

Cuba in conversation. A podcast highlighting stories from tech, culture & the arts in Cuba. New episodes are released every other week, with special programs mixed in from time to time.

Have you run across a podcast you like and would want to share it with our community? Feel free to let us know.