What do Cuban expats have in common?

Besides their love for their families and friends back in Cuba, their great sense of humor, their optimism and faith in life and many, many other great qualities. Here are some other characteristics we were curious to explore:

How often do Cubans call Cuba?
Very often, we would say: every other day. That makes them feel that distance is not a great burden in keeping strong family bonds. Let’s be honest: if you’re living in the same country with your parents, do you visit them daily? Probably not. Calling still is the best way to keep in touch. According to our statistics, the Cubans living in the US, Canada, Italy, UK and Spain call home more often.

How much do they talk when they call?
About 6 minutes, and considering the fact that the international calls to Cuba are 69.9 ¢/min, this is quite a lot. But what can you do when the stories are so long and so many things happen back home?

When do they call even more?
Take a guess! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas? You guessed it right, all three of them! Calling mom on Mother’s Day and telling her “Thank you for all you’ve done for me and for always being there for me!”. Or calling dad on Father’s Day and just saying “I love you, dad!”. Or calling the entire family and all the friends still living in Cuba on Christmas just to catch up…. Those are the secrets of great family and friends relationships.

How often do they send top ups?
No surprise there, because sending top up gifts is closely related to our monthly Cubacel promotion. Most of the Cubans living abroad try to benefit from the extra bonus the promotion offers, so they send international mobile recharges at least monthly.

What else do you think Cuban expats have in common?