Confidence is everything! It influences the way we perceive ourselves and our abilities to succeed. And most of the time, this perception, trusting ourselves is key. How many times did you find yourself in front of someone who was so confident that made you question your own opinions, although you were pretty sure that you were right and he or she was wrong? And let’s face it, that happens a lot when you are a foreigner. You somehow trust yourself less… However, experts say that there are lots of ways to build confidence and we are sharing the ones we found most powerful.


Meditation lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate, reducing stress and anxiety. And experts say that stress and anxiety are some of the biggest confidence killers. It’s extremely difficult to project confidence when something is eating you away from the inside. Meditation is the way to fight it. Meditation is like a medicine that instantly transforms your state, and brings you to a place of tranquility and focus… A confidence inspiring combination.

Take risks

Ask yourself: If I don’t take this risk, will I regret it later? Almost always the answer is yes. So go for it! Stop overthinking! What’s the worst that can happen? Fail! But you can also learn from failure, sometimes failing is key to further success. You can always start small, by building a new skill that you can turn into a small business on the side, for instance. Over time, you will feel confident to increase your risk level.

Say No!

Saying no, that’s a challenge, when you are a people pleaser! People who lack confidence find it hard to say no, because they fear that No will make the others like them less. The next time someone asks you if you will help them out, and if you don’t really want to or it would be difficult for you to do it, build up the courage and let that “no” come out of your mouth. It gets easier each time you do it!

Find happiness in yourself

Constant validation from the others… sounds familiar? The need to hear the other praising you. Oh, what a lovely sound! And when you don’t get the validation, you get insecure. Have you ever thought that you can raise yourself? Be proud of you, congratulate you for the hay you are handling all the little or big struggles that life may put you through. You deserve it. 

Confidence is a habit. The more you practise it, the more naturally it will come to you, try it!