7 crazy facts about Cuba

Cuba is a small island country with a colorful past. It has always enticed people’s imagination, making them picture a land of unicorns smoking Cuban cigars and dancing salsa. We must be honest and say that the unicorns aren’t always dancing, right? Joke aside, Cuba still fascinates people, this is why we made a list of 7 crazy facts to share with the whole world:

1. Cubans don’t typically write their recipes down. Instead, they always pass them on orally from generation to generation.

2. Four US Presidents have tried to buy Cuba.
1808: Thomas Jefferson for an undisclosed sum
1848: James Polk for $100 million
1854: Franklin Pierce for $130 million
1898: William McKinley for $300 million

3. Approximately 2% of Cuba’s arable land is given over to coffee production and the industry supports a workforce of 265,000 workers.

4. Cuba has the highest doctor-to-population ratio in the world and has sent thousands of doctors to more than 40 countries around the world. Cuban physicians played a leading role in combating the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.

5. A man left Havana in a hot air balloon in 1856 and has been missing ever since.

6. JFK bought 1,200 cuban cigars just hours before signing the embargo against Cuba.

7. Voting is mandatory in Cuba.

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