Spending money… quite a sensitive topic. According to studies (and active observation), women love to spend money on new clothes, beauty products, home furnishings, a.s.o, while men love to spend money on their hobbies, sports, gadgets… So talking about spending money wisely may be a bit challenging. Still, we take our chances and draw a list of the things you can buy with only $22.

#1: Around 9 cups of coffee. If you’re a coffee addict, you would say: definitely, that’s wise! Because only a coffee addict would understand all the pain of a day with no coffee: the moodiness, the headaches, the sadness for no reason whatsoever.

#2: About 5kg of apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so 5kg of apples keep the doctor away for many months, hopefully. And what’s better than feeling healthy, right?

#3: Your Netflix subscription for 2 months. So many TV shows you can watch unrestrictedly, whenever you want, one click away…

#4: Around 31 minutes of talking to your loved ones. Nothing compares to one-on-one conversations, right? You get to sense the tone of your family or friends and realize if something wrong happened or things are going smoothly, as usual. You know their worried voice or the smile in their tone, all those peculiarities a text would otherwise hide. So yes, in 31 minutes that $22 can buy, you can feel them closer, no matter the time and distance spent away from each other. 

#5: 22 hours for online surfing for your family and friends back home. That’s right! Since the cost of an hour is $1, if you recharge their Nauta account with $22, they’ll be able to browse the web, find out the news, check their Facebook profiles for 22 hours. How does that sound for money well spent?

Basically, the little pleasures we give in to when it comes to shopping are different. But it all comes down to the people we love. Any Cuban expat, at any moment, night and day, will give up buying something for himself or herself if they knew that amount would help their loved ones. Why? Because what’s more important: the clothes we buy or making our family happy?! The answer is pretty clear.