Cuban women are brave. And, it’s not a matter of them being competitive and trying to win “the most courageous woman” competition, should it be such a thing. No, it’s nothing like that. But the thing is, they have no other choice but to be brave and strong. And this is something that makes their kids feel safe and grow in a happy environment. That’s why childhood is that happy place we all remember with nostalgia and that gives us strength to go on, no matter how tough life may seem sometimes. And yes, Cuban moms are the first we should thank. Don’t get mad, Cuban dads, you also know this is true.

There’s always something on their to do list

To-do lists are never ending, right, moms? Between doing ten loads of laundry, running out to grab groceries, and cooking for the family, they don’t know if they’ll ever get time to put their feet up. And as soon as they think about having a break, someone suddenly has something for them to do.
But despite getting so tired that getting to sleep seems the supreme bliss, they are always there for their kids, with unconditional love and understanding.

The voice volume button doesn’t seem to work

The whole unconditional love and understanding is true, nobody can deny it. The tone of the voice, however, is another thing. Cubans moms don’t seem to realize that their voices sometimes sound a lot like screaming. We got used to it, it’s the only volume we know, but remember the first time you brought home a non-Cuban? Remember the look on their face? Priceless! Still, you probably needed to explain that your mom was not angry, she was just trying to get her point across.

Love comes from the heart, but passes through the stomach…

Cuban moms take great pride in their cooking skills. The truth is nothing compares to their arroz con pollo or ropa viaje, not to mention the mouth-watering flan. And you won’t find that taste in any 5 Michelin stars restaurant, because no chef will add the love a Cuban mom seasons the meal with.

There’s no doubt that motherhood, but being a mother is one of the most important, selfless jobs in the world. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so remember how amazing your mom is or was and that you are the woman or man you are today because she made you that way!