Triple Bono, the best Christmas gift for Cubacel recharges

To help Cubans who live abroad send nice surprises this Christmas, Cubacel promo has extra-powers this month…

Your loved ones from Cuba can now send you text messages

On December 8, Etecsa authorized Cubans to send text messages to the United States

A Christmas gift to unwrap a little earlier: Voice Credit bonus

Sometimes we feel that Christmas has lost its spiritual meaning, turning into a commercial frenzy, focused more on buying

Surprise, surprise…Cubacel promo is already back

The perfect belated gift for Thanksgiving: great news about the new Cubacel promo that is just around the corner. Save the date: November 27! The second Cubacel promo will last through Friday, December 1. So, if you missed the first promo and someone from back home scolded you about this or just you feel sad […]

5 long-distance parenting tips for Cuban expats

Life sometimes takes you many directions, which may lead far away from Cuba, from your family and friends. Why? Because you want to pursue a career

Special Cubacel bonuses from Super Bono: November 13-17>>

Special Cubacel bonuses from Super Bono – November 13-17

Etecsa lowers Nauta costs from 1.50 to 1.00 CUC for an hour of connection.

Etecsa lowers Nauta costs from 1.50 to 1.00 CUC for an hour of connection.

Top 7 reasons why we love Cuba

So many reasons to love Cuba and we need to stick to 7? It’s almost impossible, but we’ll do our best and try to choose…

Cubans’ favorite people in the whole world

It’s mom, it’s dad, it’s grandma or grandpa or our nephews, nieces and cousins, those persons we love dearly and miss so much when we’re far away from home.

For a better tonus, just grab Cubacel bonus! October 16-20 >>

Cubacel bonus! The two words that bring a smile upon all Cuban expats’ faces, being the opportunity to send generous international top ups to their loved ones back home.