Top 10 Cubans favourite songs

We did it again! We joined forces and gathered a playlist with the songs that get Cuban parties started. And this only means one thing: a new opportunity to enjoy great Cuban music! So either you’re on your way to work and you’re trying to catch up with the news or you’re already at work and you’re trying to gather all your forces, we have one suggestion for you! Or better said, 10 suggestions… here are some of the best Cuban songs, according to customers. One of these will sure make your day!

1. Gente de Zona- La Gozadera

2. Gloria Estafan- Mi tierra

3. Celia Cruz y Angela Carrasco- La candela

4. Buena vista social club- El Chan Chan

5. Gloria Estafan- Rhythm is gonna get you

6. Enrique Iglesias- Bailando

7. Charanga Habanera – Gozando en la Habana

8. Vivir mi vida- Marc Antoni

9. J. Balvin- Ginza

10. Jacob Forever- Hasta que se seque el malecon

You can even pick up the phone and call your friends back home with whom you used to throw parties and check if they agree with the list or have other songs on their mind.
For the full list of Cuban songs suggested by our customers,