Did you know that people who make a habit to cultivate a grateful attitude sleep better at night? There’s research that proves it. Or that people who express a grateful attitude are more patient and may make better decisions as a result? So here’s our challenge!

Holidays are just across the corner and chances are you are running from one place to another, looking for the perfect gifts, trying to make everything perfect for Christmas. Wanting for more. Aiming for higher. Focusing on the future. And although there’s nothing wrong with paying attention to what comes next, we believe that the holiday season is the perfect time to see the bright side of our lives, to be grateful for what we have and appreciate more the present and what it has to offer. ‘Cause there’s a lot there! A lot of small things that would fuel our joy, our good mood, our gratitude.

Our proposition is simple: just pause for a little while and refocus your attention on what matters most. And what can you add to this “what matters most” list? Our list may be subjective, but we’re sharing it with you. Maybe you can relate to some of these.

What to be thankful for all year long

😊 Your family
😊 Your friends
😊 Your good health
😊 Fresh air
😊 Weekends
😊 Good movies
😊 Great books
😊 Awesome music
😊 Good mood
😊 Sadness, as it makes us appreciate more the good moments
😊 Positivity
😊 Rainbows
😊 Pets
😊 Your home
😊 Laughter

What to be thankful for on Christmas

🎄 Traditions
🎄 Cookies
🎄 The magic in the air
🎄 Spending time with your loved ones
🎄 Unconditional laughter
🎄 Being able to stay connected with your loved ones back home in Cuba
🎄 Unconditional love
🎄 Sleeping late
🎄 Warm pjs
🎄 Christmas movies
🎄 Cinnamon and cookie smell
🎄 Hot cocoa
🎄 Carols
🎄 Being Santa
🎄 Being Santa’s… gift recipient

What are you grateful for this Christmas?