Special week for Cubans: Facebook contest and Super Bono for Cubacel recharges

This February, Super Bono for Cubacel recharges comes on the 22nd and stays with us until Friday, February 26th. Did you know that waiting for Super Bono can be fun?! Well, it can if you season it with an amazing Facebook contest!

Show your love for Cuba.
Join us on Facebook and post a photo or write a comment about Cuba, proving how much you love and miss its people, its traditions, its amazing places.
The contest starts on Friday, February 17 and you can post the photo or the comment by Monday, February 22. The photo or the comment with the highest number of likes wins the contest and the prize: a free mobile recharge of 20 CUC.

February 22- 26: 30 CUC bonus for Cubacel recharges
Super bono is as reliable and helpful as always, offering 30 CUC bonus for all Cubacel recharges you’re sending to Cuba.
All you need to do to get the bonus is follow 2 easy steps:
1. send a 20 CUC mobile recharge
2. get 30 CUC bonus

Good news: the higher the number of mobile recharges you send, the higher the overall value of the bonus.

  1. You get 50 CUC for 20 CUC sent
  2.  You get 100 CUC for 2 mobile recharges of 20 CUC

So we have a long fun weekend and a busy generous week!