Nauta super offer: more than 3 hours of free internet access

2016 had it all: Cubacel offers, great Facebook contests, amazing bonuses for Voice Credit orders and now, just before the end of the year, a super bonus for Nauta recharges: 5 CUC bonus, which means more than 3 hours of free internet access.

The promotion lasts for three magical days: December 27 – December 29.

By recharging a Nauta permanent account with 20 CUC. Not more, not less. The great news is that you can send as many top ups as you want, the offer is valid for all Nauta recharges of 20 CUC.

What does the offer bring as a bonus?
5 CUC, which, due to the new lower rates Etecsa set for internet access, can now be used for 3 long hours. 3 hours of browsing the web, spending time on Facebook or Instagram or communicating with your family and friends in Cuba through various online channels.

How can you send a Nauta recharge?
Here are the easy steps you need to follow to top up a Nauta account:

  • Find out their Nauta email. It should look like or
  • Once you have the email, go to mobile recharge page.
  • Select Nauta and then the amount you want to send
  • Confirm your order and wait! They will get in touch with you shortly to say thanks and to let you know what’s new back home in Cuba

This offer is also our special way to tell you how much we appreciate your love for the people still living in Cuba, your efforts to help them in every single way you can.
You’re simply amazing, you and all Cuban expats worldwide. Did you know that?! May 2017 be paved with dreams becoming reality, both for you and for your family and friends in Cuba.